Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Project Manager


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The Assistant Project Manager is responsible for assisting Project Managers and/or Superintendents in coordinating the activities of a project to ensure cost, schedule, document control and quality standards are met. Under the direction of the PM, the Assistant Project Manager is expected to take on any/all tasks in the quest to learn all he/she can about construction. The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years of construction experience. A degree in construction management is a plus.

Job Summary: 


Project Set Up: Ensure that proper tools are in place prior to the beginning of a project.

  • Prepare and assist with pre-installation meetings.
  • Review Owner contract and become familiar with terms & conditions.
  • Distribute all short interval and overall project schedules. Ensure subcontractors have the most up to date scopes of work. Assist PM in the development of the overall project schedule.
  • Work to obtain all necessary permits as requested by the PM.
  • Ability to review drawings and specifications to become completely familiar with the project and identify long lead times and critical path items.
  • Complete sub evaluations/comparisons of bids, scope review, and complete buyout as requested by PM
  • Develop a project submittal log and obtain designer’s approval.
  • Manage said submittal log and ensure all submittals are processed promptly.

Operational Excellence: Plan effectively.

  • Ensure contracts, insurance, and bonds are current and received before subcontractor performs any work on site. Follow up on collection of all non-received documents and escalate any issues to the PM.
  • Prepare all project meeting agendas and associated Attend weekly project meetings as requested by PM and keep detailed meeting minutes for publishing to project team.
  • Draft, submit, and track all RFI’s and distribute to all teams members as appropriate.
  • Review project logs (RFI’s, Submittals, PCO’s) with Superintendent on a weekly basis.
  • Pursue and monitor submittals and track deliveries of materials. Verify all submittal conformity to plans & specifications.
  • Collect superintendent daily reports, weekly project pictures and safety documentation. Review for completeness and include in project documentation. Inform PM of deficiencies.
  • Collect and distribute coordination drawings from appropriate subcontractors. Review drawings with PM and Superintendent. Set up coordination meetings for PM to chair.
  • Collect subcontractor changes for review by the PM.
  • Execute payment applications.
  • Complete quantity take-offs as requested by estimating and PM.
  • Review and code invoices. Check for accuracy and compare to cost to complete forecast.

Pride in Our Workmanship: Finish well.

  • Distribute all punch lists and the follow-up as necessary to ensure timely completion of punch list work.
  • Collect all required close out documents for certification.
  • Assemble the close out documents and address non-compliant subcontractor directly for compliance. Relationship Management: Develop critical relationships.
  • Maintain client relationships at the appropriate level reinforcing the Company’s commitment to continuously addressing their needs and interests.
  • Work collaboratively with outside parties (I.e. the design team, etc.) to accomplish client goals.
  • Demonstrate effective relationship building within the project team and throughout the Company. Keep field team members (i.e. Superintendent) informed and active in decision-making.
  • Promote positive subcontractor relations by dealing professionally and fairly with subcontractors and vendors instilling this philosophy in project team at all times.


Client service – Customers recommend us to others.

  • Treats internal and external clients, vendors and subs as partners.
  • Identifies client needs and addresses them.
  • Identifies and acts on ways to add value.
  • Identifies and acts on opportunities to expand the relationship.
  • Balances client and Companies needs effectively.
  • Is responsive to clients’ needs and displays intensity.

Lifelong Learning – Training and Continued Education.

  • Continually builds own knowledge and expertise.
  • Is open to new ways of doing things.
  • Offers to coach/assist others with less experience.
  • When problems arise, shares expertise to help resolve the issue.
  • Makes self-accessible for questions even when under stress.

Integrity and Ethics – Do the right thing.

  • Makes decisions and acts with the Company’s long term interest in mind.
  • Acts with integrity, maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • Is flexible and changes quickly based on the company’s changing needs.
  • Balances the company’s needs with those of others including the client, the team, etc.
  • Manages with profitability in mind.

Safety in the Workplace – No accidents or OSHA violations.

  • Is well versed in the Company’s safety program procedures and policies.
  • Consistently follows/enforces the Company’s safety procedures and policies.
  • Makes tough decisions to ensure that safety remains on the front and center. Attention to Detail
  • Thoroughness in accomplishing tasks for concern in all area’s involved, no matter how small.
  • Monitors and checks work or information and plans and organizes time and resources efficiently even under the pressure of multiple demands.

Team Player.

  • Works cooperatively with others toward accomplishment of a shared goal as opposed to working separately or competitively.
  • Leverages own strengths and demonstrates understanding of weaknesses in order to most effectively contribute to a project.
  • Knows when to lead and when to follow.
  • Reinforces the team concept through all actions.

Demonstrates a Sense of Urgency.

  • Sets high expectations and achieves them regardless of the barriers.
  • Demonstrates a passion for one’s work - enjoys working hard and is full of energy.
  • Acts with an insatiable need to get things done - can be counted on to get things done on time and with excellent quality and results.
  • Pays attention to the details to make sure the job gets done right. directed by the PM.

Required Skill Set:

You must meet the following minimum Criteria to apply for this position:

  • 3-5 Years of Experience in Commercial Construction in the fields of: Higher Education, Sports & Recreation, Government, Multi-Family, and Commercial Office Construction
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management or a related field
  • Communication, Multi-Tasking, Time Management and Organizational Skills
  • Experience with Construction Management Software:
    • Estimating
    • Scheduling

Software Used: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Plan Swift, ICE, Sage/Timberline, Plangrid, Bluebeam, Autodesk Navisworks, etc...

Job Location: 
Sarasota, Florida

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