STILL STANDING: Rudolph's Sarasota High Building

The first phase of Sarasota high School's $42 million campus redevelopment project has been completed, and students are once again taking classes in its iconic Building 4.

For $8.5 million, the county School Board revamped the 1959 landmark by the late architect Paul Rudolph, creating a fresh image for the school and preserving a building that exemplified the vaunted Sarasota School of Architecture.

The Renovation also caps an often contentious 15-year effort by the local architectural community to save the building.

before demolishing another Rudolph-designed building, Riverview High, in 2009, the board presemised to "appropriately rehabilitate" Rudolph's work at Sarasota High. In 2012, plans coalesced to restore the building's exterior - keeping celebrated breezeways open - while rehabilitating interiors for "21st-century learning."

Sarasota Architectural Foundation members generally praise the restoration work. "From a distance, the rehabilitation of the exterior looks fantastic," said Janet Minker, the foundation's board chairman, adding that she has not yet had a tour inside.


--- Sarasota Herald Tribune Article, February 13th, 2014 Issue, Written By Harold Bubil

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