Tandem History (1980 - Present)

P.J. Hayes, Inc. d/b/a Tandem Construction was incorporated in April of 1980. Initially, Tandem was the in-house constructor for a local development company. Together, they built office and condominium projects throughout the Sarasota and Venice area. In 1983, Tandem Construction began to focus on providing general contracting services for private and public entities. The business plan developed in 1983 continues today and has expanded to include construction management services...

Tandem Construction specializes in Construction Management Services. One hundred percent (100%) of our work program is negotiated construction management services and eighty percent (80%) of our construction management services are for repeat clientele in the private and public sector.

Tandem Construction provides construction management services for all types of construction projects. We have constructed community centers, theaters, religious facilities, public and private schools, medical and surgical centers, multi-unit villas and mid-rise condominiums, public and private dining and restaurant facilities, office buildings, as well as numerous custom homes. These projects have been located throughout the west coast and central parts of Florida. Tandem has proven itself a leader in the planning and construction of private and public facilities. Tandem's experience with complex structural and mechanical systems typical of our commercial projects, combined with the details and finishes of our high-end residential projects, offers our clients a unique combination of construction skills.

Tandem is an Owner-oriented construction manager. We objectively assess all input, evaluate programs and provide assistance to the design professionals to produce high quality, cost effective projects. We stress service to our clients, personal attention at all project levels and maintain a high level of professionalism and consistently deliver a quality product.